Colleen Burroughs

Colleen Burroughs founder of Watering Malawi, is the Executive Vice President of Passport, Inc. a national non-profit headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.

Born in Africa, Ms Burroughs grew up in four countries in Africa: Kenya, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Bophuthatswana. She holds a degree in Fine Art from the University of Alabama and a Masters of Divinity from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Colleen received the Clyde T. Francisco Preaching Award, the John Knox Press Outstanding Student in Homiletics and became a listed speaker for the Staley Lecture Series.

Colleen and her husband David, are the co-founders and administrators of PASSPORT, Inc. which is a national non-profit student ministry which emphasizes mission action. In 2005 Colleen has became an advocate for access to clean water systems in Africa by launching an initiative called Watering Malawi.

They live in Birmingham, AL with their fourteen year old twins Milligan and Walker.